Us and Coffee

Everything started in 2007. From the very beginning we focused out attention on specialty coffee. Slowly but steadily we were aproaching our main goal – coffee roasting. We gathered our knowledge about art of coffee roasting through seminars and special courses. Our main roaster has finished Specialty Coffee Association coffee roasting program. We roast our own coffee from 2013. To ensure exceptional coffee quality we are restlessly improving our skill, traveling to coffee plantations looking for the best coffee beans and stories about them, investing into new technologies and tools.

We are active members of Specialty Coffee and
Roasters Guild.

Coffee - passion of our lives

Coffee is a very unique product. Our day starts with a cup of coffee, meetings and new ideas also emerges next to a coffee cup. Theres over 1000 different flavours and aromas encoded inside a coffee cup and still we are seeking for new flavors every single day.

We are on a quest hunting for the best coffee beans all over the world. Regurlary visiting
cofee fields, cooperating with the local growers together we sample and select exclusive quality coffee beans. We want to share with you the increadible journey of coffee beans all the way from plantation to your morning cup of coffee.

We are representatives

In Lithuania we are represenatives of well known coffee equipment manufacturers. We are the ones who share their experience, wisdom and knowledge if you are new to coffee world and want to initiate roasting or coffee bar bussineses.


Our partners

We are members of

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